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Topics:-Kindly explain of Teamcenter Greenfield Implementation process?

Answer:- A greenfield implementation is Configuring and Implementing OOTB Teamcenter product, There will be no constraints imposed prior to the work.

No Customization will be part of greenfield implementation

Teamcenter Rapid Start Greenfield Implementation

TCRS: TCRS is PLM suit by Siemens Industry Software, It comes with pre-configured workflows.

Why TCRS is better?

  • Easy to install,Configure and Deploy

  • Easy to get started

  • Minimal IT Expertise and Support is required to operate TCRS.

  • Implementation window time is 4-6 weeks

Core Capabilities of Teamcenter Rapid Start

  • CAD Data Management (CAD integrations).

  • Document Management

  • Simple Process Management (Pre-configured Workflows).

  • Basic Change Management (Manages only ECO comes with pre-configure change management Workflow).

What will be part of TCRS Greenfield Integration (Basic)?

  • Configuration: TCRS with AWC (Only configuration)
  • Business Objects: OOTB (Item), 1-2 Custom BO with 5 attributes (MAX)
  • Workflow: Preconfigured
  • Cad Integration: 1 Cad Integration (More can be done but implementation time will go up)
  • Training: 2 Days End User, 2 Days (Admin)

Pre-requisite for the Company to be Implementation TCRS

  • Microspecfic Company  to Middle level sized manufacturing companies,Consumer product and Retails.
  • Automation Department Work-groups should be implement TCRS.
  • OEMs Suppliers Company (Employee Strength 20-50) and other PLM Domain Company & Consumer Product.

              Introduction of Workflow Designer

Hardware Requirements for 30-50 users.


Product Functionality OS Type Core RAM (GB) vHDD (GB) NAS (GB)
Teamcenter Application Server Teamcenter Enterprise Tier Windows 2016 8 32 300
Web Server Web Server Windows 2016 4 8 150
MS SQL Database Server MS SQL DATABASE 2016 Windows 2016 4 16 50
Volume Server Volume Server Windows 2016 4 8 200~


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