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LogFiles in Teamcenter

By default, Teamcenter generates system logs which usually locates in Temporary location(C:\Temp)

Use the TC_write_syslog ITK API to write warnings to the Syslog file, and use the TC_report_serious_error ITK API to write errors to the syslog and used these functions include the <tc.h> header file.

Please below the detailed explanation of Log and Error ITK API.

  •  TC_write_syslog 
    This ITK function to write warnings or information level statements to the Teamcenter syslog file.
    Example: extern TC_API void TC_write_syslog (const char* control_string);
    Control string: Message to be written to Syslog file
  • TC_report_serious_error 
    This ITK functions to write error messages to the Teamcenter Syslog file.

    extern TC_API void TC_report_serious_error (const char* file_name, int line_number, const char* control_string);


file_name: The name of the file in which the error has occurred.

line_number: The line number at which the error has occurred.

control_string: Message to be written to the Syslog file.

                                             Teamcenter Customize Error Messages


  • Where to see Teamcenter Syslog files?

Teamcenter Syslog files can be seen in windows temporary location it may be in the %temp% folder or at the time of installation temporary files path needs to be set.

  • Unable to find Teamcenter Syslog files ??

If Teamcenter designer and Tc Admin person can not see syslog file then Go to—> TC_DATA directory and edit tc_profilevars.bat file and search for TC_KEEP_SYSTEM_LOG and un-comment that line.

i.e remove rem string from it and save the file.

tc_profilevars.bat is batch scripting and rem is stand for remark which means comment line in the batch script.

  • How to identify the current Syslog name :

Open Teamcenter and Go to Help ->click on about here you can find the log information for ITK programming related syslog check the path of log files and Version Details.


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