Teamcenter Preference Synopsis














  • Special environment variables that are stored in the Teamcenter database and read every time a configuration value is set or changed


-Settings stored in the Teamcenter database

Provides a mechanism to control and define Teamcenter behavior

-Read at startup or during Teamcenter application usage.

Preferences let you configure:

-How assemblies are revised

-Whether extension rules are bypassed for specified operations

-Which Teamcenter objects are displayed in integrations

-Teamcenter mail interval checking check out directory

Preference definition

Preference definition consists of the following elements

  • Name
  • Location
  • Protection Scope
  • Category
  • Environment
  • Type
  • Multiple
  • Description
  • Value/Values

Types of Preferences

  • There are two types of preferences:

System preferences: 

-A protection scope of System, and apply to the entire Teamcenter site.

Provides settings that apply to your entire Teamcenter deployment.

-Several system preferences ship with Teamcenter.

Hierarchical preferences:

Scope of protection for users, roles, groups, or sites.

-Uses the hierarchy, beginning with User, then checking Role, Group, and Site, to retrieve a preference value.

Import Export

  • You can manage preferences and set values ​​for preference instances through the client interface or by importing a manually edited preferences XML file.

Creating and editing preferences from preferences .XML files

  • Administrators can manually edit preference XML files to create or modify a preference, and then use the preferences_manager utility to load the XML files, or use the rich client to import the files.
  • Edit a preference XML file
  1. Make a copy of the preference XML file
  2. Apply your changes using an XML editor.
  3. Import the changes using the preferences_manager utility or the rich client Options dialog box.

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