PLM: Key Configuration Folder of Teamcenter Environment














Teamcenter application directory (TC_ROOT)

  • Contains Teamcenter binary executables and files
  • Base Installation

Teamcenter data directory (TC_DATA)

  • Contains Teamcenter data model
  • RDBMS Connection information
  • Add install and plugin folder
  • Database configuration setting directory.

TC_profilevars.bat:- Set TC Environment variable.

TC_ROOT\Sample:- Its Contain Sample source code file (Its may be programming)and also script for customization.

TC_ROOT\bin:-Teamcenter executable file.

TC_ROOT\Include:-All header file are available where we can user Teamcenter ITK Programming(Integration Toolkit).

TC_ROOT\install:-All installation Teamcenter utilities are available.

TC_R00t\lang:-All languages file are available.

TC_ROOT\web:-All Teamcenter web file are available.

TC_ROOT\iiopserver :- This directory contains start_TcServer1, tcserver, start_imr files to connect you to Teamcenter server.
Every file contains information of Teamcenter environment, PORT information, default Teamcenter server information.

What Are The Basic Sample source file?

Compile:-Its used to compile Teamcenter server program.

Linkitk:-Its used to link Teamcenter user batch program.

Link_user_exists:-Its used to link Teamcenter user exit program.

Link_server_exist:-Its used to link Teamcenter server exit program.

Tccustdev.bat :- This is Teamcenter custom batch file its run

Plugin Folder :- All predefined plugin is available.

TCCS Folder :- FCC runs within Teamcenter Client Communication system(TCCS) module.

TCCA is a container application that also includes the Teamcenter server proxy(TcServerProxy) and the TCCS Services begin and terminate together with a container application. Starting and Stopping FCC required that you start and stop the entire TCCS, Including the TcServerProxy and TcMEM Process.

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