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Q.What for Business Modeler in Enovia?

Ans:-The Business Modeler is the component of Matrix that the Matrix Business Administrator uses to set up the Matrix schema, which represents the company’s business model.

Q.What are the responsibility of business Admin in Enovia?

Ans:-Business Administrator is responsible for:-Definition of the data-model(schema) and maintaining the data model.

Q.What is difference between AdminObjects and business objects?

Q.what are the admin objects in Matrix that control access?

Ans:-Command, Table, Webform.

Q.What is the difference between Group & Role?

Ans: Groups-Groups define units of organization and can be arranged in a hierarchy. For example, a company can have departments and each department can have sections. Each of these is represented by a group.

Roles-A role represents the notion of the kind of job (function) that a person performs. For

For Example: Every department might have a manager and secretary. Individual persons are assigned these separate roles.

Q. What are the different access level for user?

Q. Type of users?


Q. For a Person, what are all the possible assigment?

Q. Difference between Application user and Full user?

Q, How do u relate a person to a particular location?

Ans:-choose the particular site name  while creating the person particulars in default tab.that site will related to location.

Q. Do u add site for a Group or not?

Ans:-yes,we can.there is an option to mention which site that group or role belongs to.

Q. What is the minimum access do u give for a user, if he needs to find the object in the Matrix


 Q. What is rule ment for?

Ans:-Rule is ment  to  govern attributes,programs,forms,relationships.

Q. What is difference between Policy & Rule?

Q. What are the different type available for ATTRIBUTE?

Q. Where do u mention that whether object is Versionable, Revisionable, Promote?

Q. What is policy?

Q. What is state?

Q. What is Signatures?

Ans:-A signature specifies who can control the promotion or rejection of a business object.

Q. Where do u mention the revision sequence?

Ans:-in policy

Q. What are all the places where do u implement Triggers?

Ans:-In attributes,relationships,types,states in policy.

Q. What is TYPE in Business..

Ans:-A type defines a kind of business object and the collection of attributes that characterize it. It similar to Class in Java.

Q. What are abstract type and derived types?

Q. Define Relationships?

Q. What cardinality means?

Ans:-Refers to the no of objects of the type that business objects can have on related side.

Q. What does Revision Rule specifies in relationship?

Q. What is the clone?

Q, What “PreventDuplicate” means in relationship definition?

Q. What is propagate modify & Propagate disconnect means in business Enovia?
Q. What for this program is used in matrix?

Q. What are the 2 execute mode avaliable in program ?

Q. What is type of program?

Q. How do u control the access for a particular program?

Q, What is Format?

Ans:-Format defines what application to use when a user wishes to view, edit or print a file that is checked into  Business object.

Q, What for the option “View command”, edit , print command is used in Format?

Q. the Program should have following   requirements

Q. Where do u mention the format for particular object?

Q. Where do u mention  the store info for objects?

Q. Will revisions be allowed at each state, a few states, or only one state?

Q. What signatures are required to move the object from one state to another?

Q. Are there multiple signatures per state (parallel) or is there only one signature per state (serial)?

Q. Kindly tell some of the Triggerevents in States?

Q. Kindly tell some of the Triggerevents in type?.

Q. Kindly tell some of the Triggerevents in relationship?

Q. What Triggerevents is used in attribute level?


Q. What is for the webform objects in business?

Q. How to call a table from command or link?

Q. What is the difference between table and inquiry?

Q. What for menus and commands? how to create?

Q. How do u create webform?

Q. If u want to add an radio button in webform, how do u do that?

Q. How to add combobox field in webform? 

Q. How to display the images in webform?

Q. How to add a field with multiline text area ?

Q. How do u give the access for the webform?

Q. Dynamiclly  How do u give the access for the webform?

Q. How to display 2 or more fields in side by side view in webform?

Q. If u want to edit a particular field in webform, then what will be the setting?

Q. How do you display the TypeIcon as a seperate colum in Table?

Q. How do u display the image for column Heading?

Q. How do u display the Icons for particular column in a table?

Q. How will u place checkbox / radiobutton in a column?

Q. How to display the Icon in a command?

Q. How do u call a webform from a command?what are the parameter?

Q. How to call a tree?

Q. How do u create table?

Q. Where the Admin objects that are created using the business will store?

Q. How to set the access for the command?

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