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Pre-populate FSC Cache

In order to pre-populate FSC cache the following utilities must be used:

  • Plmxml_export
  • generate_loadfsccache_tickets
  • fscadminFirst, File information derived from for cache pre-population by running the plmxml_export utility in Teamcenter and also with the help of  DatasetsOut transfer mode to create a PLM XML file containing all external file references link with the top-level item/Part selected.

    For Example:-

    plmxml_export -u=infodba -p=*** -g=dba -item=ITEM
    -export_bom=yes -transfermode=justDatasetsOut

Next Run the generate_loadfsccache_tickets utility to process the tickets.plmxml file derived by  justDatasetsOut transfer mode.

The utility extracts the ExternalFile references in the PLM XML file and generates a ticket file containing FMS tickets that can be sent to an FSC for cache pre-population using the fscadmin utility.

                     List of values(LOV) in Teamcenter

For example:-

generate_loadfsccache_tickets –u=infodba –p=******* –g=dba –plmxml_input=tickets.plmxml –tickets_output=ticketsfile

Run the fscadmin utility to send the ticket file to an FSC for prepopulating the cache. You can also check the loadfsccache status and queue.

For example:-
fscadmin –s http://server:port –f ticketsfile ./loadfsccache/filelist

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