Teamcenter workflow basics















Teamcenter workflow basics

What is Workflow?

It is the automation of a business process in which information or tasks are passed among the authorized users of the organization in a way that is controlled by set of business rules or procedures.

Teamcenter Workflow: It allows the organization to manage their product data is an efficient way.

What is Workflow Designer?

It is a perspective of teamcenter rich client which facilitates the user to create or modify a workflow template. Below are the basic activities which can be performed in Workflow Designer:

  • Create templates.
  • View templates.
  • Add tasks to templates.
  • Link tasks.
  • Modify task behavior.
  • Import and export workflow templates.

What is Workflow Template?

It is blueprint of a workflow which consists of different kinds of tasks for example: Do Task, Review Task, Acknowledge Task, System Task etc.

Volume and Database Management Utilities.

What is different type of tasks in workflow?

Below are the task types used in creating a workflow template:

  1. Do task–> It is a task used to perform an interactive task in a workflow instance. User has to perform the required activity on the data objects and then complete the task. It has two output options

Complete: when the confirms the completion of a task and triggers the branching to the success path.

Unable to Complete: It indicates the task is unable to complete the for some reason.

  1. Review task–> It is a task used to perform a review task in a workflow instance. User has to review the data objects or tasks completed by some other users and confirm that it is correct. It has two sub-tasks inside it.

Select Signoff task: used to select the signoff user who has to approve the task

List of values(LOV) in Teamcenter

Perform Signoff task: used to perform the signoff the review task

  1. Condition task–> It is a task used to branch the workflow based on the output of a defined query. It has two output options “true” and “false”.
  2. Validate task–> It is a task used to branch the workflow based on the pre-validation of the attribute values of the data objects. Its main purpose is to handle workflow errors.
  3. Acknowledge task–> It is a task used to acknowledge the certain state of the workflow or the status of the data objects. It has “Acknowledge” and “Not Acknowledge” sub-tasks.
  4. System task–> It is a task used to perform a non-interactive task. Is can be used as a starting point to create a custom task.
  5. Or task–> It is a task used to branch the workflow when any of its predecessor tasks are completed.


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