Teamcenter: What Is Item & Item Revision Explained

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In Teamcenter or any other PLM software, Item is nothing but an object that is commonly used to show the product, part, assembly, sub-assembly, component, etc.

Item is the essential element in Teamcenter because it helps to categorize various data files.

In the Teamcenter, when you create Item, you will find some default sub-objects beneath the Item. Item’s Nomenclature sets according to various companies standards. For example ITEM-XYZ123456

In simple words, what is Item is, in Teamcenter, it is an object that contains all the necessary information required to manufacture that product.

Now let’s say we have a pen.

An item in the software is a structure of associated objects. The basic structure has the following things for sure-

  • Item
  • Item Master
  • Item Revision
  • Item Revision Master Form

The item types can be any of the following – item, document, EngChange, Part, Assembly, Component, etc.


Every item revision has one (or more) associated sequence ID. With every checkout the sequence ID of item revision is incremented, and the most recent sequence ID becomes the default ID.

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