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High-Level Agile-PLM Architecture:

The Agile Application Server is a foundation of the Agile suite.

it manages data stored in the Agile database.

All Agile data contained or organized in business objects that are set up by the administrator.

For instance, the administrator configures the Parts class of objects, and users create and deploy specific cases of the kinds of Parts made available to them.

The Business Object is a general term that indicates objects created from the classes available to the enterprise, but other items in Agile are also objects, such as workflows, searches, reports, and so forth.

The primary client applications used to manipulate the data (Agile Web Client and Java Client), and the Agile Application and Database Servers (the database where the data is stored).

Web Client and Java client:

JavaClient meant more for the administration of an Agile environment.

Also to manage and configure Agile environment.

It also contains the majority of features available in Web Client.

Furthermore, you can configure basic things in the environment (URLs, File Manager, database location, etc.) as well as class and subclass attributes, workflows, events, extensions, and everything else.

Web Client is opened using a browser.

It is a preferable mode for user operation due to its ease of use and thin-client features.

Most of the operation that you can perform using Web-Client can be done using Java-client as well.

Web Client is the only client that supports the following Agile PLM solutions:

  • Program Portfolio Management
  • Product Governance & Compliance
  • Product Cost Management

Both Web and Java clients support the following Agile PLM solutions

  • Product Collaboration
  • Product Quality Management


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