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Q.What is Multisite?

Ans: – Multisite is defined as the process of collaboration and coordination of multiple sites across multiple geographical places in a coherent manner.

Q.What is the importance of Multisite in Teamcenter?

Q.What are the Advantages of Multisite?


  • The Multi-Site Collaboration solution provides partially automated real-time data sharing across the complete enterprise.
  • Reducing time to share the data across the site.
  • Enlarge the efficiency
  • Controlling ease of access.

Q.How many network Topology used in Multisite?

Q.What is Site?

Ans: – Site is Teamcenter database.

All users accessing that database and any additional non-Teamcenter assets such as hardware, network capabilities and third-party software applications (tools) mandatory to execute TC (Teamcenter) at that site.

Q.What is Facility?

Ans: – Facility is Physical location (for example, manufacturing plant, design center, and so forth) in your enterprise.

Sites are databases. Facilities are buildings. One facility can include multiple sites.

Q.What is ODS?

Q.What is IDSM?

Q.What is Data Replication?

Q.What is data Integrity?

Q.What is the precondition to deploy Multisite in a Company?

Q.What is Publish?

Q.What is Un-publish?

Q.What is remote search?

Q.What is remote export?

Q.What is object import/export?

Q.What is data_share command in Multisite?

Q.What is data_sync command in Multisite?

Q.What is Export_recovery?

Q.What is the preference name of ODS/IDSM is used when you configure Multisite?


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