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Are you looking for questions regarding Teamcenter customization? Then you are at the correct place.

In this article, we have shortlisted top interview question, and there is higher chances interviewer will ask you the same. Right now we are not providing answers to below question. But you should at least get an idea where you are going with the preparation.

Here are Teamcenter Customization Interview Questions which you need to know:

Q. How to configure eclipse for RAC?

Q. How to add a custom menu in TC?

Q. Way to get selected component in RAC?

Q. How to initialize TC section object?

Q. What is the difference between command separation and display rule?

Q. What is the difference between command Active When enabledWhen and visibleWhen?

Q. How to add custom view in TC?

Q. How to create item in TC?

Q. What are the type of style sheet?

Q. How to create a custom object?

Q. Types of deployments?

Q. How to deploy jars?

Q. What is form rendering?

Q. Explain the use of Extensions and Extensions point?

Q. What is the use of dependencies tab?

Q. How to create dialogs?

Q. What is the difference between SWT and Swing?

I’ve tried to provide solutions to the Some questions, For the remaining questions, you may directly contact me via personal message.

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