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Introduction Teamcenter Active Workspace

Active workspace client (AWC) is an HTML file application. It is a modern innovative and easy interface to participate in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business process.

One can access AWC by using Computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

  • Standalone AWC

 Accessing AWC in a web browser is known as standalone active workspace client. All standard web browser supports for Active workspace (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, QT browser)

  • Hosted or Embedding AWC

 Active workspace can be integrated with different CAD/PLM application such as Teamcenter, NX, CATIA, SolidWorks, Creo etc.
Accessing AWC inside any other application is known as hosted or Embedding Active workspace client. It will provide seamless integration with Teamcenter application and database.

Note: you need separate configuration to integrate AWC with CAD/PLM application. We will discuss it in AWC configuration for CAD/PLM application topic.

  • Acquaint to User Interface

Login to Active workspace takes to the home page. You may see the different layout depending on your role. On gateway window, we will notice Main Layout, Search and Responsive window.

  • Global Search

At the top of the right corner, you will notice the global search button. You can easily search using any keyword. Search results will break down into graphical form base on type. You can apply different filters to narrow down the search results.

  • Home and Theme:

 On top of the left corner, There is a home button to return on this page and a Theme icon allows you to choose different color theme (Light and Dark themes are available).

  • User Information:

Below the Home and Theme icon you have User name-project-Group/Role-default part revision rule

User name contains profile and Sign Out drop-down buttons and also you can change project, group, role, and default revision rules to see other states.

You can enter into Home, Inbox, and favorites etc. to access to your work.

Benefits of using Active workspace:

  • Zero installation

  • Device & browser independence

  • World class performance

  • Find what you need faster

  • Make smarter and Simplified decision-making

  • PLM anywhere anytime.

  • Simple access to product data and processes

We will more post on PLM TUTORIAL–>Active Workspace in upcoming days.

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