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Teamcenter Interview Question and Answer(Organization Application)

Q. What is Organization in Teamcenter?

Q. What is different between Person & user in Teamcenter?

Q. What is Group in Teamcenter?

Q. What is Roles in Teamcenter?

Q. What is Administrative privileges in Teamcenter?

Q. What is Volume in Teamcenter?

Q. What is Different between Volume and database?

   Top 50 Teamcenter Customization Interview Questions

Q. What is Site in Teamcenter and how to relate in real-time scenario?

Q. How to delete user in Teamcenter?

Q.What is the utility to create multiple user in Teamcenter?

BMIDE Teamcenter Interview Question and Answer

Q.What is preference name in Granting Volume access to a group does not implicitly grant access to all subgroups?

Answer:- TC_allow_inherited_group_volume_access

Q.What is preference name is Percentage full of a Volume at which the file import is sent to the failover volume?

Answer:- TC_Volume_Failover_Trigger

Q. What is preference name is Volume to use in a failover situation. This preference with the TC_Volume_Failover_Trigger

Answer:- TC_Volume_Failover_Volume_Name

Teamcenter Structure Manager Interview Questions

Q. What is the preference name to last login deactivated user?


Q.What is full name of term of attributes (ADA/ITAR) in user creation in Teamcenter?

Answer:- Full form of ADA(Authorized data Access) and ITAR(International Traffic in Arms Regulation)
This is the parameter for Organization in Teamcenter.

Q.What are disciplines in Teamcenter?
Answer:- Disciplines are sets of user list who have common performance or behavior.


  • Support person working on Teamcenter Administrator
  • If you have to create. Modify and delete operation done by DBA and admin person.
  • Developer who has expertise in UNIX


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