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Teamcenter-Unified Customization Basics

Teamcenter unified provides various approaches to customize and extend the functionalities in Teamcenter, based on business requirement.

Below diagram depicts the possible architecture of Teamcenter Unified Customization.


Enterprise Tier Customization includes Custom Exits, User or Server Exits, Console Application or utilities and BMIDE extensions.

Teamcenter Unified customization can be categorized into five different areas.

  1. Web or Thin Client Customization
  2. Server Customization
  3. Portal Customization
  4. SOA Customization
  5. BMIDE extension/customization

Web or Thin Client Customization: This is for Teamcenter Web client. Web client uses asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) for dynamic loading of data in the web browser. Majority of the thin client customization work is accomplished by using JavaScript which allows the rendering and managing request\response from web server in the form of HTTP.


Server Customization: This is the most frequently used customization, which interacts with the business logic layer of Teamcenter Unified. Teamcenter unified provides bunch of C based API called Integration Toolkit (ITK) for server-side customization for specific modules in Teamcenter. APIs can be used in the custom program to extend the Teamcenter functionalities/behavior using C/C++ syntax.

               Teamcenter Unified Data Model Concept

Portal Customization: Teamcenter client interface is developed using Java JFC and Eclipse SWT.  Teamcenter Client layer APIs are developed using Java JFC framework ported to eclipse SWT framework. Teamcenter supports both JFC and SWT customization, but SWT is recommended. The Portal Customization refers to extending OOTB Plug-in or developing custom plug-in.


SOA Customization: SOA stands for Service Oriented Applications. Here Services are referred to as Teamcenter services provided by Teamcenter Unified for integrating with third party as well as custom clients.


BMIDE Extension/Customization: This is also part of server customization. BMIDE provides various extension mechanisms for implementing desired functionalities in Teamcenter. Few examples of BMIDE extension is pre-action or post-action operations for Business object, Runtime property, LOVs etc. BMIDE extension is performed using Teamcenter BMIDE editor.


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