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Top 50 Teamcenter customization interview Questions 

  1. What is Teamcenter customization?
  2. What is the scope of Teamcenter customization?
  3. What are the different approaches to Teamcenter customization?
  4. What is ITK and how it is used in Teamcenter customization?
  5. What is BMIDE and how to use it for Teamcenter customization?
  6. What is RAC and how to use it for Teamcenter customization?
  7. How to configure visual studio for ITK customization?
  8. What is LOV and what are the types of it?
  9. How to create a custom type in BMIDE?
  10. How to add more properties to a custom type?
  11. How to add new extension to BMIDE?
  12. How to add values to cascading LOV?
  13. What is template in BMIDE and how to create it?
  14. What is packaging in BMIDE and how to do it?
  15. What are the files created after packaging in BMIDE?
  16. What are the methods of template deployment in Teamcenter?
  17. What are the differences between hot and cold deployment?
  18. What are COTS in BMIDE?
  19. What are the different types of properties in BMIDE?
  20. How to create a BMIDE condition?
  21. What are different rules in BMIDE?
  22. How to search for the existing COTS in BMIDE?
  23. How to create a BMIDE project for data model extension?
  24. What are the frequently used BMIDE preferences?
  25. How to call ITK method from Teamcenter rich client?
  26. How to compile and link ITK code using Teamcenter command prompt?
  27. What is pool manager and why it is required in Teamcenter 4-tier?
  28. What is the difference between properties and attribute?
  29. What are class and object?
  30. What is the handler and types of it?
  31. How to create a handler using ITK and how to register it in Teamcenter?
  32. What are user and custom exits?
  33. What is ITK utility and how to run it?
  34. What is ITK API and frequently used API?
  35. What have frequently used ITK modules?
  36. What are the return types of ITK APIs?
  37. What are the differences between mfail and ITK_OK?
  38. Why do we need to include OOTB header files for ITK customization?
  39. What are the uses of DLL and executable in ITK?
  40. How to deploy DLL for custom functionalities in Teamcenter?
  41. How to debug ITK code using the visual studio?
  42. What are different log files to trace for ITK errors?
  43. What are the return types of custom handlers?
  44. What is the difference between EPM_GO and EPM_NOGO?
  45. What is POM and how to create a POM query?
  46. What is SOA and its use in Teamcenter customization?
  47. How to configure SOA development environment using eclipse editor?
  48. What is the scope of SOA customization?
  49. How to create a utility in SOA?
  50. What is style-sheet customization in Teamcenter?


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