Teamcenter UID and Real Properties













Teamcenter UID and Real Properties

Following points are you should know ,While you are doing any kind of teamcenter programming like SOA,RAC or ITK

UID is nothing but Unique identifier .In Teamcenter ,Every object has UID which will differentiate one object from another more precisely.

How to see UID of any object in Teamcenter via GUI ?

  1. Navigate to Windows Menubar and click on ShowView Option then click on Other lable.

  2. Search for PrintObject option which is coming under Diagnostic Teamcenter folder structure .

  3. Click OK on it.

  4. Then at the bottom of the Teamcenter you can find Teamcenter Print Object Window.

  5. At very last of that window you can find UID filed.

Description : UID is nothing but unique identification .

Every object inside the teamcenter can be differentiated by UID i.e UID is get vary object to object .

User Service Mechanism in Teamcenter Customization

We will more post on  PLM Tutorial–>Teamcenter Customization in upcoming days.

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