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Teamcenter Customize Error Messages

All ifail’s and  OOTB(Out-of-the-Box) Errors message are found in $TC_ROOT\lang\textserver\en_US folder .

You  can customize your Error message and you can Add it in OOTB(Out-of-the-Box) files.

Reference of all Error files is present in tc_text_locale.xml file .

Which is present at following location“$TC_ROOT\lang\textserver\en_US”

Error handling in ITK code 

Siemens Teamcenter fountain errors on central error stack.Functions regularly recoil the top error from the stack.If the call is successful, ITK_ok is arrived.

The Error Message Handler (EMH) ITK functions facilitate your to access the full error list.

Error Message Handler ITK functions are describe in the tc/emh.h header file.They give the ability to store errors.

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It is excellent practice to acknowledge that you have acquired and handled an error reported by an Batch ITK programming  by clearing the error collect with a call to the EMH_clear_errors function.


EMH_store_error_s2(EMH_severity_warning, ITK_err,”EMH_severity_warning”, “ITK_ok”);

return ITK_ok;

Create a custom error message:

Step1:-Define the symbol that represents the custom user error using the defined base for user errors. This can be describe in your code file or in a devoted error header file,


Define variable in your code which represents Custom error message.

Example  #define MY_TEST_ERROR (EMH_USER_error_base + 1)

Step2:-Copy the ue_errors.xml file from the $TC_ROOT\lang\textserver\en_US directory

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Step3:-Edit the copied files to include the new custom user error, for example:
<error id=”1″>This is the error message associated with the custom error MY_TEST_ERROR and parameter is noted “%1$”.</error>.Error message parameters are formatted in the error message using the %1$ notation.

Before calling  EMH_store_error function ,We must needs to clear previous errors using EMH_clear_errors() which will generate new stack structure for errors;


{ EMH_clear_errors(); EMH_store_error_s1(EMH_severity_warning, MY_TEST_ERROR, “output statement”); if (ifail != ITK_ok) { /* your error logic here */ } }

First parameter of EMH_store_error is severity in this API we can mention 3 severity levels,

EMH_severity_error, EMH_severity_warning, or EMH_severity_information

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$TC_ROOT: Path upto Teamcenter11 directory

TC_USER_MSG_DIR : $TC_ROOT\lang\textserver\no_translation


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