Unable to delete dispatcher request from Administrative console














Unable to delete dispatcher request from Administrative console

There are few requests that we could directly delete from translation administrative console but few of them stay there and will not allow you to delete those requests from admin console though you have dba login.

Request those are not directly get deleted from translation window then those request might get hanged or request might be in translation stages.

We have one utility called as dispatcher_util with the help of this user can delete any request then request may be hung state or its got tucked somewhere.

                            Teamcenter Dispatcher Concept

This executable present inside TC_ROOT\bin folder

Delete dispatcher requests having taskid number is  ####

dispatcher_util -u=infodba —p=infodba –a=list  -taskid=####

List all high priority dispatcher requests

dispatcher_util -u=infodba —p=infodba –a=list –priority=3

                      Teamcenter Dispatcher parameters


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