What are your strengths?

Another common interview question which is most often asked. Please refer the video on what is the intent of the interviewer to ask this question, how to answer this question and how to prepare for follow up question

Let’s talk about this question. The first thing to understand is if you know yourself better this question will be a cake walk but you are not self-aware then this gonna make you zombie. Friends, there are very quick and easy tricks to work upon this and prepare better answers for your interviews.

  • How we can target this question: Why interviewer ask strength?

  • What can be follow up Questions?

  • How you Discovered?

  • One Scenario where you displayed this?

  • How this benefited you?

  • How to identify your strengths?

    • Improve them

    • Practice them

If we continue practicing every day and prepare step by step for the question we can easily excel and be ready with the answers which any interviewer would like to hear. Also, we will become self-aware. More we introspect more we know about our self. This is the most important thing in life not just about the interviews, to know your self to know your strength to know your high impact skill-sets. 

I have indexed down some tips and tricks, Kindly use do’s and don’ts which will help you to be prepared with brilliant answers.


Tips and Do’s & Don’ts


Keep asking your close friends/family what they see as a strength in you?

Analyze your journey and keep adding in your journal

Bring conviction by using real time incidence



Be Honest & Believe in yourself

Focus on 2-3 strengths only

Try to polish your strength by applying them

Practice answering this question and listen yourself


Don’t copy from other

Don’t fake or lie until you are 100% sure

Don’t run away from these questions

Don’t try to make a list of many strengths

                                                           Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you?

Common Mistake

1) Copying from net or others: You may fail to justify as you wont have a backstory
2) Very generic or ambiguous strengths? – you will get strong push to support if its not a clear strength
3) Not preparing for the follow-up questions?

Need to prepare for the follow-up questions?

You should also be prepared for :

Interviewer is not satisfied with your answer?

You will know by the way he is asking questions and if you sense that make sure you back it up with the story or don’t stretch too much just move on to next.

What if the interviewer is intimidating or pressurizing?

Be patient and humble and push back slowly or bring the ball in your court.

What if you miss something and feel it’s not going well?

Don’t worry the world is full of opportunities and you will get another one for sure so make the most of it and learn through the interview.


Common Strengths

As a Student

As a Professional





Positive Attitude

Meeting timeline

Quality Benchmarking

Quick Learning

Conflict resolution

Team Work

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