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1. What is Active Workspace?

Ans:-Active workspace (AWC) is a web URL application. It is a modern innovation done by Siemens. Its easy interface to participate in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business process.
AWC application used in Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

2. Why use active workspace in PLM?

3. What is the basic requirement of Active Workspace?

4. What is the prerequisite to install Active Workspace?

5. What should be the specification of your selected browser?

6. What is the component of Active Workspace?

Ans: There is four Component of AWC.

  1. Client
  2. Server Extension
  3. Indexing
  4. Visualization Servers

7. Describe the terminology of the Home page in Active Workspace?

                         Introduction of Active Workspace 

Introduction of Teamcenter Active-Workspace

8. Please describe the Home pages tile is Active Workspace?

9. What are Tool and Command?

10. How to modify the Home page in Active Workspace?

11. How to change the password in Active Workspace?

12. How we can change Group, Role or Project?

13. How much search is available is Active Workspace?

14. What is Global Search in Active Workspace?

Ans:-When launch AWC, At top of the right side, you will see the global search button. You can quickly search using any keyword in that box and Enter after Search results will showing in data-based owner, Release and group, project more. 

15. What is Indexing?

16. What is the component is involved in Indexing?

17. What is the use of TCFTIndexer?

18. What is the need for Visualization Servers?

Ans:-Once install the Visualization Server, Once It views the 3D(View the data) in Active Workspace.

19. How much Installation strategy for Teamcenter Active-Workspace installation?

20. How to find an object in Teamcenter Active Workspace?

21. What are the global search and its benefit?

22. Is it possible to define a query in Active Workspace?


23. Explain the installation process of the Teamcenter Active Workspace?

Active Workspace Installation

24. Explain Page layout and Navigation of the Active Workspace user interface?

25. What is the latest version of Active Workspace?

Ans:-AWC 4.3 with Compatible of TC12.

26. Where I can active the Workspace? to save Global search? we can classify the object?

29. What is the procedure to add/create part and document in AWC? to change the owning program? to change ownership? to create a new revision in Active Workspace? we can upload and download large data files? to transfer objects to remote files?

35.what are a benefit of active workspace collaboration?

36.what are the benefit of subscription? to create a subscription to follow an object?

39.Active Workspace complexity matrix with Teamcenter?

40. What is DCP?


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