What are your weaknesses?










More than strengths, its weakness my friends which the interviewer wants to know. Every interviewer wants to know how self-aware you are, or do you have any weaknesses/shortcomings which will act as a hindrance in your new role. Please refer the video to how to tactfully answer this question without compromising your chances to get selected.

The very first question comes to our mind is how to answer this question? And also why do people ask this question in interviews. If we know the reasons we can actually be prepared and answer to be ready.

  • How to answer the question?

    • What is your weakness? – You should know what is your weakness and what was the weakness you have improved upon with your efforts.

    • Why it is your weakness? – You should also know the reason why this was your weakness where it became the show stopper or hurdle in your progress or growth.

    • What are you doing to improve it? Also you should document all efforts you have made  for improving your weakness, in how much time you have worked upon those to improve and overcome these.

  • What not to Answer?

    • I have no weakness so far

    • I am workaholic or Perfectionist or Introvert

  • Common weaknesses which you can use –  There are many weaknesses which leave a negative impact on the people like if you say you have the problem of lying or forgetting or ego but at the same time you tell few weakness as you have the problem of accepting the challenges of working hard or not sitting idle till you accomplish things, Same people will take this attitude of learning differently. So you have to choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.

                          Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Tips and Do’s & Don’ts


•       Be ready with 2 weaknesses and their story

•       Be ready with the three follow up answers for each of your weakness

Ø  How did you discover this? Or How you realized that you have this as a weakness?

Ø  Why do you think this is a weakness as we don’t see it as a weakness?

Ø  It’s important for the role we are getting offered, why should we take you as you have these weaknesses and many more?

•       In any situation or follow up questions keep the composure and body language positive and stay cool


•       Don’t be the Ideal Man – Having Zero Weakness or no weakness is the biggest weakness

•       Don’t think they are fool – by using “I don’t settle below perfection perfectionist. I don’t rest until I see the perfect output”

•       Don’t tell the dead weakness: Never tell that you used to have this weakness rather tell this is the weakness and I am working on it

•       Don’t tell more than 2 weakness

•       Don’t tell any weakness which can affect your candidature



Tips and Trick

Keep the positive Body language

Keep a Smile on Face

Keep the mind cool and composed

                                    What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

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