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ARAS innovator is a PLM tool by ARAS Corporation. ARAS Innovator based on .net framework.

Since 2007 Aras has been providing Aras Innovator for free as open-source software, with Aras Corp providing technical support, software updates, and other consulting as a subscription service.

Aras Innovator has all the capabilities that a traditional PLM system should have, but the availability of skills depends on either a subscription or open basis.

Open: Its free of cost, limited capabilities, no support from ARAS Corp
Subscription: Pay for the subscription based on no of licenses, All the skills, Support from ARAS, Free upgrade from ARAS corp irrespective of customization.

Below is the comparison of Capabilities in Open and Subscription Model:


Capability Open Subscription
Documents Yes Yes
Parts Yes Yes
Bills of Material Yes Yes
Change Yes Yes
Configuration Management Yes Yes
Projects Yes Yes
Component Engineering Yes Yes
Quality Yes Yes
Systems Engineering Yes
Requirements Yes
Technical Publications Yes
ALM Integration Yes
PDM Integration Yes
Office Connector Yes
Digital Mockup Yes
Items Yes Yes
Lifecycles Yes Yes
Workflow Yes Yes
Security Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
API Integration Yes Yes
Vault Yes Yes
Visual Collaboration Yes
Single Sign-On Yes
Replicated Vault Yes
ERP Integration Yes
Enterprise Search Yes


Aras Architecture:

Aras Innovator architecture is a model based SOA.

Instead of legacy PLM’s approach of defining an object model and hard coding it into the services, the Aras PLM Platform separates the two.
Aras architectureThe result is a run-time web application framework consisting of loosely coupled/federated web services optimized for performance and scalability, which form a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The platform uses meta-data templates to describe everything: application functionality, business logic, data schema, screens, workflows, etc. everything. The meta-data templates define the objects in the system and those objects then “subscribe” to the services that they need. It is “model-based SOA” and ‘it’s the basis for creating flexible, scalable, upgradeable applications.


Advantages of MODEL BASED SOA Architecture:

Deploy Quickly, Adapt Easily

Aras’ different architecture enables the fast implementation of solutions. It’s either from scratch or starting with defined industry templates for significantly quicker deployments.

Forms, workflows, relationships structures, and data model schema are tailored and configured in real-time at a business level.

Enabling Scalability:

Aras’ architecture provides a new level of PLM platform scalability for enterprises with global supply chains and a significant number of PLM users.

Aras’ architectural design allows for the handling of substantial levels of throughput by using frequent, short database transactions.

Making Upgrades Easy

Aras PLM Platform upgrades included in subscriptions. Aras unique architecture enables organizations to get the latest innovations in PLM without disrupting customizations or having to wait for years.

Below is the list of few Customer using Aras Innovator Platform:


Vertical Customer Name
Aerospace & Defense Airbus, GE Aviation
Automotive GM, Nidec Mortor Corp, Honda
Consumer Products Motorola, Kolcraft
Energy Yanmar Energy Systems


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