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Teamcenter Interview Question and Answer (Change Management)

Q. What is Change Management in Teamcenter?

Q. How to configure Change Management in Teamcenter?

Q.  What is the workflow of Change Management?

Q. What is PR?

Q. What is ECR?

Q. What is ECN?

Q. What is the Change in Teamcenter at product level?

Q. What is the role participant in Change management process?

Q. Kindly Explain Requestor, Analyst and Change Specialist?

Q. What is Change State in CM?

Q. What is the Problem Items in CM?

Q. What is the Impacted Item in CM?

Q. What is the Solution Items in CM?

Q. What is Reference Items in CM?

Q. What is implemented by in CM?

Q. What is Implements in CM?

Q. What is Plan Items in CM?

Q. What is handler name to change the state through workflow?

Q. What is the condition and values to change the complete the process?

Q. What is the Change Effectively?

Q. What is the benefit when add schedule manager in Change Management?

Q. How to create PR in CM?

Q. How to create ECR in CM?

Q. How to create ECN in CM?

Q. Which folder store work Breakdown in Change Management?

Q. What is the process to Work breakdown using Schedule Manager?

Q. What is the Hidden Perspectives name in Change Manager in Rich Client?

Answer:- When we see the CM and set the HiddenPerspectives in CMViewerClassic.

Q. What is preference name to Enable Change Manager menu in Thin Client?

Answer:- We Enable the preference(WEB_Enable_Create_Change) is True.

Q29. What is the Handler name to assign the participant in Change Manager?

Answer:- This is handler name(EPM-auto-assign) to assign the participant in CM.

CM–>Change Manager

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