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Ques. What is the difference between Business Objects and Domain Object classes?

Ans: The Business Object class is a logical representation of a Matrix business object

Whereas The Domain Object class represents the top-level class for the AEF java classes.

And Domain Object class is the child class of Business Object class.

Ques. What for Business Object class?

Ans: The Business Object class is a logical representation of a Matrix business object.

Ques.how do u create Business Object in matrix Database using BusinessObject class?

Ans.BusinessObject(java.lang.String type, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String revision, java.lang.String vault)
Create a new BusinessObject object

con = new Context(“”);




BusinessObject bo=new BusinessObject (“mj_BIKE”,”mj_Bike_Yamaha”,”1″,”mj_GEVehicleStorage”);



Ques.how to create Business Object for existing object in matrix database?


Ques. In which package the BusinessObject class reside?

Ans.In matrix.db;

Ques.Whether DomainObject extends businessObject or businessObject extends DomainObject?

Ans.DomainObject extends BusinessObject.

Ques. During check-in what happens?

Ans.Copy files from the local workstation to a business object.

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Ques.How to get the various information of domain object using single method?.

Ques. How to get information about object using BusinessObject?

Ques.Name few packages present in eMatrix?





Ques.Name few packages under AEF?





Ques.what is the purpose of findObjects() method of DomainObject class? return type? parameters?

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Ques. What is the purpose of getRelatedObjects() method of DomainObject class? return type? parameters?

Ques.What is the difference between getRelatedObject() & getRelatedObjects() methods of DomainObject class? return type? parameters?

Ques. How do u revise an object? 

Ques. How do u invoke JPO from JSP?

Ques. How u will write mql commands form jsp?

Ques.what is the purpost of MailUtil.sendMessage() method?

Ans. Sends an icon mail notification to the specified users.  Sends an icon mail notification to the specified users.

Ques.what is MapList? How do u sort mapList?

Ques. What is StringList?where it reside?

Ans.public class StringList extends List

Represents a list of Strings import matrix.util.StringList;

Ques. What is the difference between print bus and temp query bus?

Ques. In which way can we retrieve some attributes from a group of object ids at a single shot instead of looping it?

Ques. Name some methods in BusinessObject and DomainObject classes which you have used the most?

Ques. Can you please tell what is the structure of eMatrix?

Ques. How can we call a JPO from another JPO?

Ques. How can we call a JPO from a JSP?

Ques. What are ADK and AEF? What’s the difference between them?

Ques. How to go from the first state to the last state of a lifecycle of a BO without touching intermediate stages(using promote)?

Ques. How can we specify access specifications in a webform so that some attributes are visible to one user who is having Access and not shows to those who are not having access?


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