How to Improve Reading Skills














How to improve reading skills

The importance of reading cannot be contested by anyone. If we ask this question among ourselves, “should I make reading a habit/hobby”, I am sure each one of us will come up with a positive reply. But most people find inculcating reading habit challenging. Not every one of us is an avid reader. In the link given below, I will discuss some simple tips to improve our reading skills. But before that let’s discuss, why is reading important.

If we look around the world, most successful people like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet read at least one book a week. Being successful, they might be having some serious business to attend to. And like us, they also have 24 hours in a day. Still they can find time for reading. Here’s why?

  • Reading is one of the most powerful exercise for brain. It stimulates your brain, improves vocabulary and provides endless knowledge.

  • Reading is also known to be a great stress buster

  • Reading will structure your thought process and in turn make you a better speaker too.

These are just some benefits of reading. Once we start reading, our personality improves manifold. So why don’t people read?

The most common reasons can be people consider reading as a task. Some people will read only when there is no other option; for instance, studying for an exam or reading just office mails etc.

There is nothing wrong with reading an office mail or an academic book. The underlying consideration is as long as you find reading enjoyable, it doesn’t matter what you read. Just don’t make reading a TASK. So how to make reading fun.

My first suggestion for you is to select a book and start as early as possible. I am a firm believer in the law of 21 days which means if we do something continually for 21 days for 10 minutes, it becomes our habit. So pick a book and give it 10 minutes. Repeat this process for 21 days and on the 22nd day, You will find that you will not need that extra push to open your book.

What else you can do during your 21 days? You can keep track of how many new words you learn daily and try to use them in your daily communication. You can also speak out loud while reading. This will improve your pronunciation, give you an idea on which word to stress and in turn make you a better public speaker.

You shall also start reading books, journals, articles or even magazines related to your area of interest.

So if you are a complete non-reader, how to decide on what to read. I am sure we all have some role models. So find out what your favorite celebrity reads. If not that, just read about them for 10 minutes. Once you get the hang of reading, I am sure there is no turning back.

Please see the video below about how to improve reading skills and in what ways we benefit by reading.

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