Template for PreCondition custom Exit DLL Program













Template for PreCondition custom Exit DLL Program

For ITK Customization,please see below  PreCondition Custom Exit DLL Program Template.







int iFail=0;

#define DLLAPI_declspec(dllexport)

#define plmerror (EMH_USER_error_base +2)

//get +2 error in TCROOT/lang/en_us/ue_errors.xml

extern DLLAPI int custom_dll_register_callbacks();

extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_execute_callbacks1(int *decision,va_list argc);

extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_execute_callbacks2(int *decision,va_list argc);

extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_add_pre_condition(METHOD_message_t *msg,va_list args);



extern DLLAPI int custom_dll_register_callbacks()





extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_execute_callbacks1(int *decision,va_list argc)


METHOD_id_t method_id;





/* iFail=METHOD_find_method(const char *type_name,const char *msg_name,METHOD_id_t *method_id);

iFail=METHOD_add_pre_condition(METHOD_id_t *method_id,(METHOD_function_t)pre_condition_handler,TC_argument_list_t *user_args); */

return iFail;


extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_add_pre_condition(METHOD_message_t *msg,va_list args)








return plmerror;



extern DLLAPI int GLOBALPLM_execute_callbacks2(int *decision,va_list argc)



printf(“GOOD BYE”);

return iFail;


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