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In the very first post, I wrote simple Teamcenter login program. Following is the step-wise description of Teamcenterlogin program.

All ITK programs must include tc/tc.h. It has the prototype for ITK_init_module and the definition of many standard datatypes, constants, and functions that almost every ITK program requires, such as tag_t and ITK_ok.

Normal Execution of c\c++ program requires main() in same way ITK has ITK_User_main(int argc,char* argv[]) function from which main program gets executed.

ITK_ok gives the return value of ITK functions .it is an integer value .If value return 0 means code runs successfully .and if value return other than 0 means code get failed.
For login into Teamcenter we have two functions

  •  ITK_auto_login()
    • Description: If the value of ITK_auto_login is set to true, the user does not need to enter in a user name, password, or group in the command line. Auto logon uses operating system user names and passwords to log on to Teamcenter. However, if the user wants to use a login name other than their operating system name, they may use the command line format.
    • Values : TRUE Enables automatic logon. FALSE Suppresses automatic logon.
  • ITK_init_module( userName, password, group);
    • If your program is called without the ITK_auto_login function, supply the arguments for user, password and group.

If program fails to login then it returns non -zero value of ITK_ok

                         Memory management in Teamcenter

Data types in ITK programming

Teamcenter ITK Programming uses same data types that are there in C\C++ languages.

Example:-  int ,char*, enum ,struct etc

The new APIs use the char* type instead of fixed char array i.e char filesize[50] size in the input and output parameters. The new APIs use dynamic buffering to
replace the fixed-size buffering method.fixed-size array got deprecated from TC 10.1 onwards.

Special data types


tag_t is special data type where All objects in the ITK are identified by tags of C type tag_t. It is a unique identifier of a reference (typed, untyped, or external )

–An unset tag_t variable is assigned the NULLTAG for null value

Tags may be compared by use of the C language == and != operators. An unset tag_t
variable is assigned the NULLTAG null value

Example :-  tag_t itemTag

if(itemTag==NULLTAG)  or if(itemTag!=NULLTAG)

                                           Creation of DLL in ITK

Teamcenter also comes with a set of include files that are similar with C include files.

For example, instead of using:
#include “string.h”

You could use:
#include <fclasses/tc_string.h>

fclasses/tc_stddef.h  etc

These include files are used in Teamcenter to insulate it from the operating system.

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