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Q.What is an Item in Siemens Teamcenter?

Q.What all objects get created while creating an Item in Teamcenter?

Q.Can admin able to determine the inclusion or omission of master and revision forms contained within item objects?

Q.Do all ITK function returns an Integer error code?

Q.What is an output-free in ITK functions?

Q.What is a Maximum Item_Id size in TC unified?

Q.What is a Server Exist, User Exit and difference among them?

Q.How can we register a user exist or a server exit in Teamcenter?

Q.How can we register a workflow action handler?

Q.What is an action handler?

Q.How can we register multiple customizations in the Teamcenter site?

Q.What is Compound property and what is run-time property? How they are differentiated?

Q.When an Item gets revised, how can we control the object which is associated with the existing item revision with some relation getting copied or carried to the latest revision?

Q.Using Deep copy rules, How the objects attached to the item revision by the IMAN_reference copied forward as a new object?

Q.What is the naming rule and how we configure in Teamcenter?

Q.How we configure the naming rule for an item id with even number format?

Q.What is GRM Rules?

Ans:-Generic Relationship Manager in BMIDE.

Q.How can I restrict the users other than the Designer group from creating the Item in Teamcenter Rich client?

Q.How can allow the revise of an ItemRevision only if the status of it is released?

Ans:-We can make a PreCondition on the Item Revise operation.

Q.What is a substitute in Structure Manager?

Q.What is differentiate an alternate and substitute?

Q.What is Precise assembly in Teamcenter?

Q.What is Imprecise assembly in Teamcenter?

Q.What are multiple Occurrences? Please provide me an example?

Q.What is a Revision Rule and Variant Rule in Teamcenter?

Q.What us a Collaboration Context?

Q.What is packing an assembly?

Q.What is Preference used to set to enable Incremental Changes?

Q. Can We apply Access rules to create an Incremental change?


Q.What is the use of BOM and PS modules?

Q.What is Teamcenter Organization?

Q.What is discipline?

Ans: -A discipline is similar to a group. You use it to define a set of users that have some behavior.

Example:-You can create a discipline to identify developers in a group that has expertise in UNIX.

Q.How do you customize the Menu bar in Teamcenter Rich client?

Q.How do you customize the Tool Bar in Teamcenter?

Q.What is Kernal?

Q.What is TCFS Services?

Q.What is a Workflow concept?

Q.What is BMIDE?

Q.What is Teamcenetr an Teamcenter Rapid?

Q.What is the PLM XML in Teamcenter?

Q.What is the Transfer mode?

Q.What is the Equivalent PLM XML elements for Teamcenter Objects.

Q.What is the significance of preference_manager utility?

Q.What are FMS and FCC in Teamcenter?

Q.What are Version and Revision in Teamcenter?

Q.What exactly check-in and checkout of the object?

Q.What is Multisite in Teamcenter?

Q.What is the 4-Tier? How do we configure Teamcenter 4-Tier?

Q.What is Transfer option set, Transfer mode, Closure Rule and Filter Rules, Action Rules, and Property sets?

Q.What is Cardinality, Changeability, Attachability, Detachability?

Q.What is Effectivity, Date Effectivity, Unit Effectivity, Revision Effectivity, Occurrence effectivity, End Item Effectivity?

Q.What are Occurrences?

Q.What is Absolute Occurrence?

Q.What is checkout and remote checkout?

Q.What is check-in and Remote check-in?

Q.What is implicit Check-out and explicit Check-out in Teamcenter?

Q.What is Rule-Based Protection and Object-based Protection?

Q.What happens if we rename a group?

Q.What happens if a group has not been assigned a default volume?

Q.What is the Site in Teamcenter?

Q.What is Hub?

Q.What is ODS?

Q.What happens if we change site ID?

Q.What is the facility?

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