What is Software Testing and Teamcenter Testing?














What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of verifying a system in order to Identify any errors, gaps or missing requirements compared with the actual requirement.


Cycle of Software Testing:


Requirement Analysis:

Requirement Assessment is the first step in the life cycle of Software Testing.  The quality assurance team understands the criteria like what is to be evaluated and tested in this process. When something is lacking or unclear then the quality assurance department works with the stakeholders to grasp the requirement’s specific information better.

Test Planning:

Test Planning is most proficient period of programming testing life cycle where all testing plans are characterized. In this stage chief of the testing group figures assessed exertion and cost for the testing work. This stage begins once the necessity gathering stage is finished.

Test Case Development:

Once the test planning phase is complete, the test case development phase begins. The testing team prepares the test data required for the test. When test cases are prepared the quality assurance team will review them.

Test Environment Setup:

Configuration of test environment is the critical part in Testing.   The conditions under which software is tested are ultimately dictated by the test environment. It is an independent task and can begin along with the creation of test cases. The research team is not involved in this process. The test environment is created by either the developer or the client.

Test Execution:

After the experiment improvement and test climate arrangement test execution stage begins. In this stage testing group begin executing experiments dependent on arranged experiments in the previous advance.

Test Closure:

This is the last stage of Software Testing Cycle in which the process of testing is analyzed.

Teamcenter Testing

            As the Teamcenter is such vast software with variety of architectures and many modules or applications, it’s testing is done by using various technologies.

Teamcenter testing includes not only 2 tier Standalone application but also tier and web applications such as AWC.

For Standalone application testing Tools are used such as UFT and For Web application there can be many. Selenium is one of the web application testing tool/technology.

User Stories:

A Software is first used by reputed customers and there user experience is always helpful and needed for software development and enhancement.

Based on the user experience, user stores are created.

Software Development:

In order to fulfill the user expectations accordingly software development tasks are done.

Customers creates PRs for their needs and the same are done by accomplished by Developers.

Software testing:

In order to test the software for various functionalities test cases are prepared.

Test cases are prepared by subject matter experts. A test case includes a scenario to check a functionality of software.

Software Testers follow the instructions given in test case are reproduce the instructions to check if that functionality is working or not. This is done manually and atomization can be implemented for same.

If certain functionality is not working as per desired behavior then accordingly is defect is raised and which gets assigned to particular developer. This is how Software testing is performed.

In order to save the time and automate the process, test cases are such developed that for new baseline of Teamcenter whole suit of developed test cases in ran often called as Batch Run or Central Run.

After Completion of Central Run, result clarifies the failure and same are investigated by software testers by manually execution.

If there is no any problem and yet some functionality is failed in Batch run then it’s called as false failure. If the failure is because of some internal code changes and are the desired once, then the developed test case is changed accordingly which comes under maintenance task.

When the suit is run for all test cases and result is also good it means that particular baseline is free from defect. After new changes are committed, tested with good consistency and passing rate of test cases, a software is released and same applies for Teamcenter as well.



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